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10 Beautiful Waterfalls Compilation

The list contains 10 beautiful waterfalls on different locations, some are in Europe others in Asia, America and so on. It is unlikely that one could have been on all 10 locations and have seen these waterfalls unless that person is an passionate tourist that is in a hunt spree of waterfalls. But definitively the list can serve as idea to organize your next vacation trip if you like pure nature and beautiful waterfalls.

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Plitvice Waterfalls – Croatia

Plitvice Waterfalls Croatia

The Plitvice waterfalls are location in Plitvica Lakes National Park in Croatia and it is the oldest national park in the Southeast Europe founded in 1949. In 1979 the Plitvice Lakes National Park was added under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage. At this park, aside this beautiful waterfall you can see 16 lakes at the surface and the entrance cost is roughly $18 USD.

Middle Letchworth Waterfalls

Middle Letchworth Waterfall

The Letchworth waterfalls are located in the Letchworth State Park, in Wyoming County – New York. It is located 56 km (35 miles) southwest of Rochester. The park is roughly 24km (17 miles) long. Letchworth State Park is a worth trip on its own and each of the three falls on the Genesee River are must sees. The biggest waterfall is the middle one that you see in this picture, but the most spectacular waterfalls are in the cold weather when the waters get higher.

Horseshoe Falls in (Blue Mountain) Hazelbrook, Australia

Horseshoe Falls, Blue Mountain Australia

The Horseshoe falls are located in the Blue Mountain, Hazelbrook (New South Wales), Australia. The Blue Mountains are full of waterfalls but we’ve picked the Horseshoe falls as they are simply beautiful. To many tourists this waterfall is unknown and the location is not very well mentioned in many travel guides, it is required to open a topographic map to note the track that takes you to the walking track that follows a bed of Hazelbrook Creek. Walking track starts at the end of Oaklands Road and leads through the Horseshoe Falls Reserve. Given that the Hazelbrook Creek that fuels this waterfall doesn’t have much water so its recommended to visit this waterfall after heavy rains to better enjoy the view.

Green mountain falls

Green mountain waterfall

The Green mountain falls are located in King County, Washington. This small waterfall is well hidden along the lower part of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River road, but evidence (the image above) points to the fact that several people know about it, despite it’s well hidden locale.

Foss Waterfalls – Iceland

Foss Waterfalls Iceland

Bonnie Scottish Waterfalls

Bonnie Scottish Waterfall

Anamkok Kutakarn Koh Kut Waterfalls

Anamkok Kutakarn Koh Kut Waterfalls

Silk Falls

Silk Falls

Sonsbeek Park Arnhem Waterfall

Sonsbeek Park Arnhem Waterfall

PingShi Taipei Waterfall

PingShi Taipei Waterfall

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