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To support our website as well as our facebook fanpage we have decided to open few advertising options both on our site and on our facebook fanpage with currently has over 24.000 fans (majority from United States & Europe) and constantly grows.

Our advertising plans are perfect for small and big travel related or hotel business as our user base is quiet inclined into exploring new territories and have new experiences.

Social Media Advertising

We offer 2 advertising options (which can be combined into one single advertising package if you prefer) on our Facebook fanpage media channel.

Advertise your business fanpage

Advertise your business fanpage

Do you have a business and a fanpage for your business but you lack of followers? Advertise your business fanpage would be the perfect advertising package to gain more fans for a small monthly fee. As shown in the image your fanpage URL will be visible on our fanpage for an entire month, for a small cost of $10.99 a month.

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Sponsored Share

Sponsored Share Advertising

Sponsored share is a one off advertising opportunity for your business. The share can be an image or an URL of your website. However, we advice you chose a nice looking image and use your website URL in the description, as images get shared more often and are more likely to be LIKED by our fans. If you are ready to give it a shot and drive traffic to your website for $1 then click the bellow link to order this package.

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Full Social Media Advertising

You can get the above 2 packages in one single convenient price of $15.99 a month and have your business fanpage adverting as well as 4 monthly sponsored post on our Fanpage.

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