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Gardens By The Bay: Singapore

In the heart of Singapore it is being built the project “Gardens by the Bay”, it is a park spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) some of the land has been taken from the sea near to the Marina Reservoir. The garden itself it surpasses the architecture, where the technology returns to the nature which is not taken just like a model to copy but a model of direction where technology should move to.

For this project an international competition was held in 2006 which attracted more then 170 firms submitted from 24 different countries, only two firms were awarded the Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter for the master plan design.


The gardens are divided into 2 main greenhouses and its considered the biggest structure built in glass in the world (16500 mq). In one greenhouse we find Flower Done on which are reproduced the Mediterranean climate conditions and the tropical regions, while in the second one Cloud Forest are reproduced the tropical regions of the jungle. For some types of plants it was a must to optimize to the maximum the solar radiations; the ideal solution for this was to build the park in an entirely high efficiency glass covered structure that will allow 65% of the solar radiations to pass through and in the same time to moderate the pass through of the heat by 35% within the structure itself.

The Super-tree’s

The super-trees that are tall from 25 to 50 metros are covered with ferns, orchids, vines and epiphytes and support a technology that mimics the biochemical process of the trees. photovoltaic cells perform the functions of photosynthesis and ventilation, rainwater collection facilities of the core (which carried the water in the tank underground), those roots that reincanalano the water in the irrigation system. During the day they refresh the ambient and create shades, while at night they give a spectacular multimedial view.

The nearby National Park Board supply the Gardens by the Bay botanic garden with 5000 tons of remains of tree’s, biomass that is being used to produce the needed energy for the structure and the fumes produced are introduced in the air conditioning, contributing to the dehumidification of the air.

And this is exactly what we mean with technology going back to nature, where everything is regenerated and re-utilized and nothing gets lost nor there is harm done to the air or the nature surrounding us, a true Greenhouse.

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