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The Most Beautiful Woman without Photoshop

Unique and Extraordinary List of the Most Beautiful Woman Without Photoshop

There is no question that we live in the world of deception and Photoshop, which is the main reason why  SAW decided to organize the contest for the Most Beautiful Woman withOUT Photoshop.

This is a very special list dedicated to truly beautiful women and people that admire their beauty.

#25 Emily Skye – Australia


#24 Natasha Barnard – South Africa

Natasha Barnard

#23 Demi Rose – Great Britain

Demi Rose

#22 Georgia Salpa – Ireland 

Georgia Salpa

#21 Natali Danish – Ukraine 

Natali Danish

#20 Mable Soe – Myanmar 

Mable Soe

#19 Sofie Karlstad – Ireland 

Sofie Karlstad

#18 Ashley Sky – United States

Ashley Sky

#17 Jessica Lawndes – Canada 


#16 Emily Didonato – United States


#15 Anastasia Petrova – Russia


#14 Emily Ratajkowski – United States

Emily Ratajkowski

#13 Shanina Shaik – Australia

Shanina Shaik

#12 Andrea Brooks – United States

Andrea Brooks

#11 Irina Sharipova – Russia

Irina Sharipova

#10 Julia Herz – Costa Rica 

Julia Herz

#9 Megan Young – Philippines 

Megan Young

#8 Alena Shishkova – Russia

Alena Shishkova

#7 Xenia Tchoumitcheva – Switzerland 

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

#6 Rim Saidi – Tunisia 

Rim Saidi

Top 5 Most Beautiful Woman Without Photoshop

#5 Shorena Begashvili – Georgia

Shorena Begashvili

#4 Zuleyka Silver – Mexico 

Zuleyka Silver

#3 Gabriela Bertante – Brazil

Gabriela Bertante

#2 Ekaterina Koba – Belarus

Ekaterina Koba

The Most Beautiful Woman Without Photoshop 2013

#1 Sonja Zekic – Bosnia

Sonja Zekic
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